A campaign is only as good as its candidate

GCC Team

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Trump’s been getting a bit of a bashing because his team hasn’t done a great job of making his campaign look like – er – a campaign.

Benjy Sarlin, Katy Tur and Ali Vitali even wrote a damning article for MSBC this week claiming ‘Donald Trump does not have a campaign‘.

The truth is – as a source close to Trump, quoted in the article said – “Bottom line, you can hire all the top people in the world, but to what end? Trump does what he wants.”

And that’s the crux. A candidate can have as many advisers as they like around them, and be world leaders in their fields. But if the candidate doesn’t listen to them, and follow their advice, then ultimately it’s a one-person campaign – that of the candidate.

It’s why again and again the best teams on paper don’t run the best campaigns; and it’s why one of the most important factors to consider when appointing a senior campaign team is their relationship with the candidate. Unless the candidate will take their advice, and follow it, they simply become extremely costly meat in the room.