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The Good Campaigns Company philosophy lets good ideas rapidly cycle through campaigns; puts front-line feedback in front of the right people quickly; and empowers teams and activists to stay a step ahead of challenges on the ground.

The Good Campaigns Company was formed by experts and practitioners from across the world of politics and communications to re-think how the Left campaigns, focusing organisations on projectbased connectivity rather than organisational hierarchies.

The Good Campaigns Company believes in holistic campaigns, and that’s the service we offer: comprehensive solutions from strategy development through to the implementation of field, digital and membership work streams.

At Good Campaigns Company, we keep things simple. We combine world-class, strategic political advice with traditional field organising and cutting-edge digital innovation. We poll, we train activists, we implement social media strategies – and we have experience of over 100 political and third-sector campaigns to deliver great results.

Underpinning every service is our simple philosophy: by assimilating digital, field and membership expertise, we create holistic and responsive campaigns that connect whole organisations.

At Good Campaigns Company we’re not just about better campaigns. We’re about better, more agile campaigning organisations.


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