We have a candidate. And don’t we know it.

GCC Team

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“A quick note”; “History made. (Get your magnet!)”; “Ian, last day to get your magnet!”


Giveaways work. Moments work. And Hillary’s team are doubling down on attracting new donors by offering “History made.” ‘limited edition’ magnets.

Bernie’s team have also found sticker give-aways work well at activating non-donors, and we’ve had the same experience at GCC with a number of clients.

The fact is, people often need that final push to get them over the line. They support your cause. They like your candidate. But they need a reason to get their card out of their pocket and type in the details. And a genuine moment; or a time-limited offer are reasons to do that. It’s no different to the marketing techniques used by online shops and service providers – this one-time only deal requires you to act RIGHT NOW.

And that’s exactly what people do.

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