Digital Tip: The Grid Rule

GCC Team

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A short social tip:

Working with a client this weekend on some infographics their design team had knocked up, I realised there was a notable lack of text. I asked why, and they said ‘the grid rule’. Even for professionals working on a daily basis with social media, it seems changes to Facebook’s old ‘no more than 20%’ rule haven’t filtered through.

Around Easter this year, Facebook changed their rule: there’s no longer a requirement to fit within the limited squares of the dreaded ‘grid’. Now your image is judged to have ‘no’, ‘low’, ‘medium’ or ‘high’ text overlay, and your reach will be decided dependent on which category your image falls into.


Of course, keeping your graphics engaging is still key – and large amounts of text can often be a barrier to that engagement. But text can also be vital to getting your message across. Balance is key.