Trump’s asked for money. By email.

GCC Team

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After being slammed for the small size of his campaign war chest over the last 24 hours, Trump’s finally given in and sent out his first fundraising email. In true Trump fashion, it doesn’t fail to remind people that he’s personally rich. Indeed, he’s going to ‘personally’ match all that’s raised from the email (up to $2million).

Hillary’s taken the opportunity to scare her supporters with the news and fundraise off the back of it. Possibly slightly disingenuously – the figures released yesterday suggest Trump would have to get about a million donors at $40 each to match Clinton’s campaign’s impressive bank balance.

Hillary email


The fact is, both campaigns would be raising hugely more if they were running their fundraising efforts through an integrated campaigning platform – with one-click donations, and near 100% open rates. As it happens, we’re currently recruiting organisations to beta test our in-house developed integrated campaign platform, Monty. Want to know more? Drop me a line today.