If you can keep your head when all about you….

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In an ideal world, every campaign will have months of planning in advance of its launch. You will have carefully selected your team and they will have been working flat out making sure all that needs to be in place, is in place.  You will wake up on the morning of your launch knowing that your campaign is ready to hit the ground running and ultimately deliver.

Sadly, we don’t live in an ideal world. Circumstances sometimes dictate that a campaign needs to be launched quickly, amongst chaos and with nothing more than a desired outcome in mind.

Here is our guide to launching a campaign from a standing start.

Firstly and most importantly – keep calm. Decisions made in haste are not the best decisions.

Make a priorities list. What do you absolutely need right now to get up and running and what can wait a day or two?

Get the people right. Don’t take on campaign staff and contractors just because they are the first people to say yes. Your reputation hinges on these people knowing their stuff. Take a day or two to get the best team around you.

It’s who you know. Make the most of your contacts and use them wisely.  You may feel it’s cheeky to call in favours at short notice but it’s not.  You may find your contacts are probably expecting the call anyway.

Don’t reinvent the wheel. Utilise existing infrastructure. Do you need to employ someone to carry out a particular role or is there a company that can do it for you in a more efficient and cost effective manner?

This is an important one in any campaign… Make expectation management an immediate priority. Don’t say you can build an audience of a thousand for a campaign launch when you will be lucky to get a hundred for example. How you manage expectations at the beginning will define your relationship with stakeholders for the entire campaign. Be the person who over delivers on what they have promised.

A strong start to a campaign helps towards a successful end.