Snapchat and political campaigns

GCC Team

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Snapchat’s been around for a while now, and many political campaigns are embracing it’s ability to reach a demographic which are traditionally hard to mobilise during campaigns. Hillary in particular has been putting on a good show with it; her team telling the story of each day campaigning through the medium.

This week, Snapchat enabled Bitmoji integration. This isn’t surprising – Snapchat reportedly bought Bitmoji’s parent company, Bitstrip, for $100m last year. But Bitmoji does offer an even more personal way for political campaigns  – and specifically candidates – to engage with their supporters.

Bitmoji allows individuals to create a character in their own likleness, which can then be used in Snapchat (and other social networks) to tell stories and convey emotions. The opportunities are wide-ranging – from providing graphic responses to emerging events, to sharing love with those who take action.


One area which also offers promise is the peer-to-peer engagement offered by Bitmoji integration. Direct snaps between two people can feature both individuals’ Bitmojis – reflecting relationships, and possibly cementing individual supporters’ attachment to the given candidate. At the moment these actions can’t be taken en masse; but even with manual messaging, there’s a great way for local campaign teams to show and share love with their most valued (or valuable) supporters.


Find out more about Snapchat’s Bitmoji integration here.