The Summer we hit the PhOwens

GCC Team

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We were very excited here at GCC when we were approached by UK Labour Leadership Contender, Owen Smith’s campaign team and asked to build a web based phone canvassing app so that their supporters could call potential voters from home.

Time was tight, the opposition were able to “flick a switch” and restart the app they had used in the previous summer whereas Owen’s team needed something to be built from scratch.

The required specification for the app was clear, it had to be

  • Easy to use for both volunteers and campaign staff
  • Allow callers to call specific areas
  • Have an easily adaptable script
  • Feed in data to their current database
  • and most importantly,
  • Be highly secure.  

Our developers got to work straight away and a few days later (after a fun brainstorming session to find a name), PhOwenBank was born.

With a secure, robust, yet easy to use verification system, the campaign staff were able to allocate logins to volunteers, safe in the knowledge that all callers have their own unique ID and every log they made on the database was able to be tracked.

The impact was immediate, the campaign team were getting positive feedback from volunteers on the day of launch and before very long, #PhOwenBank was all over twitter.

Agile campaign solutions are what we are all about here at GCC. We can adapt the software we built for PhOwenBank can be adapted to suit most database systems meaning your campaign can make the most of your volunteers who want to make calls from home.

Get in touch with the team if you would like to discuss a phone canvassing app for your campaign… Advice on the name of your app is optional.