Ian Palmer

Ian is Engagement Director of the New Zealand Labour Party. Before leaving the UK, he was Campaigns Manager for 38 Degrees, the UK’s largest online campaigns organisation with 2.5 million members, and Campaigns Manager for the Royal British Legion. Ian provided Digital Strategy Consulting to the UK Labour Party Digital team during the 2015 General Election, and worked as Digital Director to Andy Burnham during the 2015 Labour Leadership contest. Ian’s work in public affairs and campaigns has received national media coverage and earned him Public Affairs News’ Campaign of the Year Award.

Veronica Bennett

Veronica has managed campaigns, data and strategy for charities across Europe, Members of Parliament, Labour Groups, Leadership campaigns and Mayoral campaigns. She was a Parliamentary key seat candidate at the 2015 UK General Election, has served as a councillor on Merseyside, as political researcher for UK’s Shadow Small Business Minister, and as Head of Communications for a Member of European Parliament. Her work with partner businesses to develop accurate national polling during the 2015 Labour Leadership contest saw her qualitative data analysis and polling results featured in national print and broadcast media. 

Veronica has a book published on women and gender issues through the 2000 year history of the Catholic Church, which is roughly 75% more fun than it sounds.

Debbie Caine

Debbie is Political Manager, who has worked as a Campaigns Organiser for 5 years. Her work included Field Operations coordination for key UK by-elections; Police and Crime Commission elections; and General Election campaigns across the UK. Debbie specialises in nonprofit fundraising and high value donors. She has served as a councillor on Liverpool City Council. 

Debbie thinks she would be Cersei if she was in Game of Thrones, but we all know that’s such a Sansa season 1-2 thing to say.

Alex Barros-Curtis

Alex Barros-Curtis is a solicitor specialising in nonprofit campaigns and compliance. He has worked extensively on derivatives and structured finance matters in Europe and Hong Kong; as well as formerly working for the Clinton Foundation and as a parliamentary researcher. His work managing compliance, finance and strategy covers two Labour leadership campaigns, the Labour Campaign for the Single Market, and strategic consultancy on the UK’s Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse.